Month: August 2016

Ethiopian regime deploying massive military to the Amhara region as uprising continue unabated

Engidu Woldie ESAT August 31,2016 Reports reaching ESAT from Ethiopia say the TPLF regime is deploying thousands of its troops and Agazi Special Forces to the Amhara region where uprising against the regime is gaining momentum as more towns and localities removed local administrations and the security, and replaced them […]

Keeping It Real – 227 (Military Brutality In Nigeria; Ethiopia Kills 500 Protesters

Keeping It Real With Adeola – Eps 227 (Military Brutality In Nigeria; Ethiopia Kills 500 Protesters) This week on Keeping It Real, some Nigerian soldiers pluck out the right eye of a road safety official, who tried to stop them from beating a civilian. Find out what is wrong with […]

Floods in Ethiopia displace hundreds of thousands as more rains forecast: UN

By Katy Migiro NAIROBI: More than 600,000 Ethiopians have fled their homes since March, largely due to flooding, the United Nations said on Wednesday, with more rain predicted up to December. Ethiopia was hit in 2015 by one of the worst droughts in decades, with 10 million requiring emergency aid, […]

Ethiopia’s battle for land reforms could lead to civil war: opposition leader

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Mass street protests that saw dozens of people shot by Ethiopian security forces over the weekend could spill into civil war if the government fails to reform land use policies, a veteran Ethiopian opposition politician has warned. Merera Gudina, leader of the Oromo People’s Congress, […]

Several Dozen Shot Dead in Weekend Protests Across Ethiopia

By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS – ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Ethiopian security forces shot dead several dozen people in weekend protests across the country as frustration with the government grows, an opposition leader and Amnesty International said Monday, while hundreds staged a rare demonstration in the capital after calls via social […]

U.S. Embassy deeply concerned with the extensive violence in Ethiopia

Statement by the U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa, August 8, 2016:  The U.S. Embassy is deeply concerned with the extensive violence that occurred during protests across Ethiopia this weekend in the Oromia and Amhara regions. We have noted reports that protestors and security officials have been injured or killed, although confirmed […]

Gonder : Protesters Clash With Ethiopian Police During Amhara Protests

Zegabi  A second wave of mass protests against a controversial government decision broke out on Friday in Gondar, a city in Ethiopia’s Amhara region. Demonstrators reportedly clashed with police officers during the protest, BBC reported. Unverified images of the demonstration are currently circulating on social media. Last Sunday, thousands of […]

Amhara Protests In Gonder – Half a Million of protesters call for a regime change in Ethiopia

Half a Million of protesters have flooded the streets of Gonder in the Amhara region of northern Ethiopia on Sunday demanding a change of government due to the unfair distribution of wealth in the country. The protest, reported to have been staged in defiance of a government order, is also […]