Ethiopia’s parliament is expected to vote down ministers

Ethiopia’s parliament is expected to vote down ministers

TPLF parliament TPLF ministers nuisance drive … this is in lieu of the TPLF’s anointed appoints judges, appoints a drive instead called …. But the domestic economy would lead inland Pole proclamations are made, or should I say … .TPLF foresight keeps herself thinks people – we will see. Limb an emergency meeting of parliament, ministers fallible car ………

According to information Wolkait people into making a request to review the goodness you stand identity is seen Dr. Tedros blood-boiling Korean groups still worse, the TPLF doctor before bimibi rusty monster look like. But wait, why not be required to power in Amhara region ??? Amhara region is part of why they give an Autonomous region ,WHY ???

Federal Courts and judges to full and replacement candidates for judges of the affairs of the Prime Minister is expected to be a source said in other information Hailemariam Desalegn urgent meeting was called to attend every day of the House, is expected to vote down ministers and mad certain ministers. It can be recalled that this type of call an emergency meeting of Parliament during the recent passing of Meles Zenawi.

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