Month: February 2014

There are at least 50,000 S-e-x Workers on the street in Addis; out of them 5000 are young male s-e-x workers

Revelation of [deleted] Life in Ethiopia By Meron Tekleberhan Addis Ababa, March 20, 2011 ( — I got a lot of response from people who read my article on the book “Yesedom Nefsat.” This book explored the little mentioned [deleted] subculture in Ethiopia. The comments I got revealed that Ethiopians […]

Ethiopia which was kept autonomous by our ancestors will ever remain autonomous by its present generation!!!

By Syit DA Those who dismantled and trying to dismantle Ethiopia, that was kept united by our fathers, will never escape from accountability either historically or physically. Ethiopia is a country with the largest population in Africa second to Nigeria and it is also the only country in Africa which […]